There are two ways your business can grow.

27th investments can help your business grow through acquisition. With capital partners and strong networks, we can facilitate all types of acquisition deals.

How can we add value to the acquisition process?

For each asset the firm represents a comprehensive analysis is prepared which identifies the current and future marketability, anticipated capital needs, and projected return on the owner’s investment.

This focus continues throughout the negotiation process with the client’s goals and objectives always at the forefront.

27th investments acquisition and disposition services include sourcing of properties, investment analysis, market analysis, underwriting and due diligence support, support in securing equity and debt, property repositioning and investment and user sales.

In our competitive business environment, acquisition could be the key to level up your business. 27th Investments has a proven track record of successfully closing acquisition opportunities.

Time to Level up your business acquisition strategy? Team with 27th Investments  on your next acquisition deal.

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