Investment Opportunity

27th Investments provides you with the best tools to diversify & grow your money with us.

Whether you are looking for a short term high yield return or a long term real estate equity-based investment, we have the opportunities & long history of successfully brokered deals to make it happen.

In the past decade, our investment partners have yielded returns averaging 12%-15% per year, with some deals yielding up-to 48% annual returns. All this is possible by following a carefully laid out process that has been established with years of experience.

When you call 27th investments, there are three ways you can invest with us.


Small to Mid-size Investments

For those investors with cash sitting in the bank, but want a stronger return, our small to mid-size investment vehicles can be the perfect fit. With returns ranging from 12%-15%, we can easily out-perform traditional money market and cash savings accounts.

Short Term investment options

27th Investments has a broad network of investment opportunities that can yield returns within 12-18 months. Experts at syndicating large projects, our specialties include high profile concerts and events, commercial real estate deals, residential developments and more.  We can move your money in and out quickly, while providing a strong return on your original investment.

Long Term Investment options

For our clients who seek to hedge against risk, we have longer term investments which provide strong returns.


Commercial Real Estate Investments

Our team is comprised of sophisticated investors experienced in commercial real estate syndication. For those who are accredited investors with cash on hand to invest in real estate, we can pool together multiple investors to acquire profitable multi-million-dollar investments. Within 18-24 months we can turn your original investment into a substantial double-digit return.


Residential Development

As the demand for new housing increases, our team can partner our investors with highly profitable investment opportunities. We can even assist in providing capital to owners and builders seeking additional resources for their residential development projects.



What is the cost of doing nothing? Waiting can cost you millions of dollars. Call 27th Investments today.

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